Changes in legislation, compliance, reporting obligations and the multiplication of international flows have an impact on company taxation, making it more complex.

At Fidal, more than 350 tax lawyers offer procedures, a culture and tools adapted to these major developments. On a daily basis or as part of on-off transactions, we assist companies and executives, public institutions and not-for-profit organizations in the development, implementation and coordination of tried and tested solutions in all areas of tax law. We define strategy, develop a process, manage tax issues and put in place operational solutions and identify tax risks and help implement controls. We are also recognized for our specialized approach, which enables us to provide unparalleled expertise throughout France.

Whatever type of assistance provided, we place taxation at the heart of your environment and your organization. Our teams combine their economic and tax culture with the mastery of technical problems to deliver global, innovative and effective solutions. Our strength lies in our ability to quickly mobilize the multidisciplinary teams and partners, French or foreign, necessary for the success of your projects.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is an important issue due to the digitalization of the economy, the increased attention given by tax authorities to these topics, and the international projects intended to overhaul the taxation of groups and its complexity.

Fidal's transfer pricing team is composed of twenty-two economists and/or lawyers who will assist you in the following areas:

- Analyze the risks inherent in transfer pricing policies
- Define, document and submit to the administration the policies adopted, taking into account changes in regulations but also the impact on VAT or customs duties
- Value intangible assets, securities or activities in the context of intra-group transactions
- Make your teams aware of these issues during ad hoc training sessions
- Assist you in the management of tax audits and dispute resolution and provide assistance in tax disputes
- Negotiate Advance Pricing Agreements

VAT and indirect taxes

With more than 30 lawyers specialized in VAT and indirect taxes throughout France, we address the issues raised by our clients, both private and public, French and foreign.
Our team is supported by a network of international specialists and provides modular assistance adapted to technological challenges (configuration of information systems, reliable audit trail).
Through our contacts with European authorities and our involvement in trade associations, we are working to ensure that regulations evolve towards greater simplicity and visibility.
We assist our clients during tax inspections and in all phases of tax litigation.

Taxation of research and innovation

As the subject of many tax incentives, innovation is a key competitive issue, for start-ups and multinational groups alike. In order to promote your innovation, our specialized Fidal lawyers work in perfect harmony with high level engineers and scientists dedicated to enhancing the value of R&D, and offer you a unique and comprehensive solution in this field.
When it comes to managing how income-generating R&D-related activities (CIR, CII or other resource mobilization assistance) are taxed, providing guidance during tax audits, or structuring investments in innovation, we deliver safe and original solutions and customized services, adapted to your R&D objectives.

Securing and optimizing customs clearance

In a changing international context, understanding a company's international flows, improving and securing them is a major challenge to remain competitive. The increasing burden of taxation on diesel, natural gas, electricity requires companies to be proactive and seek to take advantage of reduced rates and exemptions.
The specific nature of sectoral customs taxation (indirect contributions, TGAP (Tax on Polluting Activities), dock dues, export control, etc.) requires constant attention and monitoring.
These rapidly evolving issues are the core activity of our lawyers specializing in customs law, who can assist you to structure day-to -day customs clearance operations, prepare for controls, as well as provide your defense in legal proceedings. Backed by a global network, we guarantee you a legal and operational approach to anticipating customs risk while identifying ways to optimize the clearing process.

Fiscal IT and computerized accounting

Faced with the dematerialization of tax audits and increasing electronic reporting obligations, Fidal has acquired the technical skills and the expertise in tax matters as well as the IT tools best suited to assist your company in its digital transformation.

When it comes to analyzing your FECs (Files of Accounting Records), safely electronically archiving files and invoicing, ensuring that cash register software is compliant, or even carrying out mock audits and the migration of ERP, our tax lawyers dedicated to Fiscal IT issues are trained to meet IT requirements and deliver practical and efficient solutions.
The offer put in place by Fidal makes it for it possible to address both the tax and IT issues faced by companies in the event of a tax audit, from compliance to the implementation of information processing systems that lay the foundations for optimized internal control.

Local taxation

Local direct taxation accounts for a recurrent and nevertheless growing share of corporate expenses. In view of the burden, diversity and complexity of local taxes, our experts can provide audit services and, in case of a dispute, advise you on the territorial economic contribution or property tax, and on taxes on commercial surfaces or taxes on offices, commercial premises and warehouses in Ile-de-France.
Whether on a daily basis or as regards your restructuring operations, from determining rental values to calculating added value, our approach is proactive and allows you to better understand the tax consequences of transactions.


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