Develop your skills within a multi-disciplinary firm

To join Fidal is to join the largest independent French business law firm, with 2,350 talented individuals working in legal, tax and functional areas.


We encourage a diversity of profiles, expertise and professional backgrounds in all areas of business law. Because today's legal system reflects on economics and finance, we are particularly interested in candidates with dual qualifications in law and business. We are committed to driving talent even further and offering them:

  • personalized career paths, whether technical or managerial,
  • diversified professional development through our strong regional presence and international expansion,
  • an ambitious in-house continuous training program that provides the opportunity to enroll in a management school in partnership with HEC,
  • personalized guidance from our support functions.

Fidal has developed an internal classification system to define successive stages in the development of lawyers and legal experts. This can be broken down into 3 main phases:

Lawyers and legal experts
Legal professions

Promotion to the position of Counsel/ Partner

Counsels and Partners combine technical know-how, client development and management skills, as well as team management skills, in compliance with Fidal's rules and values. Our share capital is held exclusively by lawyers working in the firm. Fidal has an open shareholding policy.

Senior Associate
Senior manager

Promotions to Associate position and then to Senior Associate reflect an increase in technical expertise and collaborative work.

Associate 3
Associate 2
Junior associate

The first 3 years of a young lawyer's life (from junior associate to associate 3) are essentially dedicated to gaining further expertise, with an initial approach to client relations and working as a team member.

During these first 3 years, these young professionals follow a highly structured training program of about 2 weeks a year.

Ma vie d'avocat @ Fidal

Episode 1 - Travailler chez Fidal c'est "collaborer au sein d'une équipe et grandir."

Episode 2 - Travailler chez Fidal c'est "une vision conseil à 360°."

Episode 3 - Travailler chez Fidal : "C’est ça la plus belle satisfaction. Ce sont nos clients !"

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