Whether it be the exponential development of intermediation and collaboration platforms, the dematerialization of operational processes, the rapid expansion of e-commerce, the deployment of connected objects, the emergence of the factory of the future, in all fields and sectors of activity, digital acceleration is revolutionizing the rules and transforming organizations. Implicitly, the progressive emergence of a single digital market (PDPR, e-privacy, eIDAS) and a new industrial revolution are changing all internal rules.

Faced with the complexity of these challenges, our team of Digital, tech & data specialists advise French and foreign companies, associations and local authorities throughout France on how to enhance the security and value of their technologies.

From auditing their situation to protecting their strategic interests, we are present at every stage of the transformation process:

  • Implementation and security of major IT projects
  • Compliance with regulations on the processing of personal data
  • Making digitalization devices secure (archiving, electronic invoicing, etc.)
  • Protection of rights on the Internet
  • Valuation of innovations and intangible assets

Our teams are specifically trained in working in specific and complex environments: they work in collaboration with all project stakeholders and give you global strategic advice. To meet your needs, we have developed graduated and multidisciplinary offers adapted to the size of your organization and your business sector.

IT projects & Internet

By its very nature, the internet raises cross-cutting issues that have an impact on contractual practices, liability rules and personal data issues. Various players are involved in this ecosystem: website designers, content publishers, Internet access and hosting providers, platform operators, advertisers, service providers and community sites. Fidal's teams can assist you in the following areas: - Litigation involving the liability regimes specific to Internet players - Delisting or the right to oblivion on the Internet - Drawing up of contracts for the supply of digital content - Protection of Internet creations - Advice on the posting of online advertising tools

Digital platforms

This tool is at the core of many digital transformation projects, regardless of the size of the operator and its business sector. Fidal’s teams can assist you in the following areas: - Status and duties of the platform operator - Approval of various distribution schemes in view of new commercial practices and connected objects - Drawing up operational contracts (CGU, CGV, (General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale) etc.) - Analysis and validation of the "customer journey". - Implementation of a personal data management policy - Analysis and approval of banking regulations related to online payment - Tax impacts, particularly in the management of cross-border flows


Digital transformation models involve the dematerialization of transactions. Fidal’s teams can provide assistance in the following areas: - Legal validation of instruments related to electronic signatures, in particular with regard to the eIDAS Regulation - Electronic invoicing: legal and tax aspects - Electronic archiving

Media Law

In the areas of film, radio, press and television, the activities related to the dissemination of information and cultural content have undergone major developments in response to the rise of digital technology and new technologies. Fidal's teams can assist you in matters of media law, in particular, they can: - Advise you on audiovisual regulations (quotas, CSA convention, SMAD (On-demand media services), media chronology, signage, advertising and sponsorship) - Support you in the implementation of appropriate financing structures and provide assistance in obtaining local subsidies or tax credits for the production of audiovisual programs - Review contracts as part of the purchase of program libraries (TV dramas, streaming, feature films, TV series) - Protect and defend the e-reputation of companies

Personal data

The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires a profound change in the legal, organizational or technical "Data Privacy" approach taken by economic players. Fidal’s teams can assist you in the following areas: - Mapping of personal data processing and related risk analysis (impact study, etc.) - Validation and support in the implementation of action plans for compliance with the GDPR - Training of Data Protection Officer (DPO) - Support in the data use and development process - Assistance in the deployment of a global multi-country compliance policy from our network of correspondents

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Press release
September 26, 2019

Fidal worked with French division of international group Nuance Communications, specialized in the development and marketing of

July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.



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