Labor law and social security

Digital transformations, new economic models and successive labor legislation reforms are profoundly changing the work environment as well as the relationships between all the players within business organizations.

Responding to these major changes requires implementing a real labor project that will enable businesses to increase the flexibility of their labor-management relations, adopt new management methods and place the individual relationship at the heart of their strategies.

In this context, labor law is more than ever a strategic tool for enhancing security, loyalty and competitiveness. As counsel to both SMEs and multinationals, our 315 employment law lawyers throughout France advise in all areas of labor and social security law. Whether for complex projects or day-to-day management issues, we assist our clients at every stage of their business project.

From the definition of strategy to the implementation of operational solutions, whether in an advisory or litigation role, we offer a customized, inventive and personalized approach.

Composed of finely skilled specialists, our teams have the expertise and range of legal tools needed for their clients’ projects. Our solutions are comprehensive, multidisciplinary, pragmatic and committed. To create value, we do not hesitate to draw upon our complementary areas of expertise and to add an educational component to our services via our training organization.

Human Resources Management

To support you in the development of an effective social dialogue, Fidal has created a center of expertise that brings together lawyers, experienced consultants and specialists in human resources management. Our assignments are long-term and cover risk prevention, collective bargaining strategies, labor relations management methods and the development and implementation of plans (GPEC, etc.). Our experience in restructuring enables us to accompany companies and executives when managing crises and reorganizing companies. Our expertise, our knowledge of the workings of trade unions and employee representative bodies, our mastery of cultural specifics, deliver unparalleled, competitive solutions tailored to the needs of your organization.

Occupational accidents and diseases (ATMP)

Companies are often helpless when it comes to dealing with the consequences of an occupational injury, as they have little control over all the issues involved. To help you resolve these issues, Fidal has set up an expert team of lawyers who have gone through specific training, have a forensic background, dedicated digital tools and day-to-day practice. They help clients deploy management tools, and provide strategic advice and defense in case of litigation. Our teams are particularly recognized for their work in one-off transactions: company takeovers, defense against claims for inexcusable conduct, risk assessment, negotiation, and coordination with criminal proceedings.

Retirement and Employee Benefits

At a time when corporate social responsibility is increasing, complementary schemes are more than ever a strong differentiating factor in human resources management and employee loyalty. To meet these challenges, Fidal has set up a multidisciplinary team of experts to help companies and managers set up, secure and develop their pension and health insurance coverage. We work alongside them in matters of company pension plans, health and retirement expenses, employee benefits audits, consulting in the context of industry-level negotiations, compensation of executives and corporate officers, etc. Our teams are recognized for their expertise in managing complex operations, particularly during restructuring, acquisitions, changes in governance, insurance litigation or URSSAF contributions reassessment.

Employee savings and share ownership

Employee savings and share ownership are essential components of social policy. They promote the company's performance by giving every employee and manager the opportunity to share in the results, or even in the share capital. They are also effective tools to retain and motivate employees. To best meet these objectives, the members of our dedicated division support companies and their managers in defining, implementing and improving on these mechanisms. They provide specific assistance in the drafting and implementation of profit-share agreements, PEE, PERCO, free share plans, BSPCE... Using a multidisciplinary approach and recognized expertise, the members of the employee savings and shareholding division deliver comprehensive and personalized advice on a daily basis or in the event of exceptional transactions.


Faced with the complexity of social regulations and the computerization of management software, understanding payroll operations is becoming a key issue in corporate governance, having an impact on companies' image and income, and carrying real financial, and even criminal, risks. Our dedicated team helps companies strengthen and optimize payroll processes. When it comes to payroll audit, compliance with legal, regulatory and conventional requirements, URSSAF audits or optimization of your labor costs, we provide customized guidance and offer you innovative solutions, adapted to your organization and objectives.

Employment related criminal law

Labor law is now a major source of criminal liability for companies, its legal representative and management.
In order to enable you to assess the risks incurred in the course of doing business, to identify and manage risky behavior and, finally, to assist you in dealing with prosecution authorities, Fidal has created a division dedicated to employment related criminal law, combining the expertise of lawyers experienced in criminal litigation and corporate consulting. This joint approach enables us to provide a global response both in preventing criminal risk in the workplace and in managing it immediately and/over the long-term.

Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety have become a central concern of companies and one of the main causes of liability for legal entities, their managers and executives.
Our team helps you implement a prevention policy: audit of risks and sources of infringement, delegation of authority, training of supervisors, development of tools and documents (internal regulations, agreements, procedures, job descriptions, etc.), safeguards against situations of co-activity and handling crisis and litigation situations (workplace accidents, harassment, asbestos).
Our specialists use their legal and organizational expertise to come up with concrete and effective solutions that serve your organization.

News and events

July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

May 06, 2019

The Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation, known as the “PACTE law”, which was definitively passed by the National

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