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A sector of excellence and high technology, and a flagship of French and European industry, the aeronautic industry is rapidly changing. As the entire supply chain is increasingly being streamlined, maintaining quality requirements and integrating new technologies is an essential prerequisite for being competitive.

Our experience and understanding of the challenges facing this industry enable us to assist clients in these major transformations: digitization, new forms of communication, the use of "big data", upgrading of R&D, globalization of the supply chain and changes in tax standards at the international level.

For day-to-day operations or one-off transactions, we advise and defend the interests of the aeronautic industry, of first-tier equipment manufacturers, financiers, airport infrastructures, carriers, etc. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we can address all legal and tax issues. Our comprehensive and flexible offer includes tax law, corporate, and the restructuring of acquisitions, leasing and aircraft financing, the securing of data and the valuation of intangible assets, the negotiation of contracts and commercial agreements as well as labor law and public law.

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July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

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