Dispute settlement and arbitration

Anticipating and managing conflicts to create value

To be competitive, businesses must anticipate and cost-effectively manage the risks that may affect their financial health, assets, development, image and reputation. To meet these challenges, our litigation team works with you to build an appropriate strategy for anticipating risks and safeguarding your interests.

As seasoned litigators mastering the methods of proof, we assist our clients at every stage, from pre-litigation to litigation, providing them with the appropriate solutions: audit, employee and executive training, choice of guarantees, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution methods, judicial or arbitration proceedings.
We deliver customized, pragmatic solutions adapted to complex situations, across all areas of business law. Our teams are especially recognized for their expertise in corporate and commercial law, distressed companies, criminal law, directors’ and executives’ liability, cross-border, real estate and construction disputes.
Our litigation experience, our knowledge of the relevant jurisdictions, our capacity to work in synergy with the full range of the firm’s other practice groups and with our foreign partner firms, enable us to be highly responsive and provide global strategic advice.

Located throughout France and involved in the local communities, our 115 professionals are well-acquainted with the socio-economic environment, guaranteeing effective local assistance.

Commercial and other leases

Whether you are a lessee or lessor, we will help you sign, renew or terminate a lease as well as handling all your disputes, particularly before the commercial rents tribunal.

Construction and real estate

Acting on behalf of project owners, project managers and builders, we assist you in preventive actions, privately agreed and court ordered appraisals, the implementation of two-year and ten-year guarantees as well as in disputes with insurance companies.

Commercial and corporate litigation

We also regularly step in to defuse and manage conflicts related to the sale of securities, the exercise of liability guarantees, conflicts between partners and the accountability of executives. We also help you to leverage your trade receivables by taking sureties and precautionary measures and collecting your receivables, whether amicably or by court order.

Employment related criminal law

We provide you with the resources of a team of lawyers experienced in employment related criminal law, able to assist you in an emergency and throughout criminal proceedings, particularly in the event of a workplace accident, harassment, pollution or embezzlement. Our lawyers also help companies to implement their risk prevention policies, whether it is to map risks, such as in anti-corruption matters, train managers and employees and help implement prevention tools (code of conduct, whistle-blowing procedure, etc.).

Protection of the assets of corporate managers

Divorce, incapacity, death are all events that affect the assets of corporate managers and may sometimes jeopardize their business. We also help you to anticipate these situations and assist you to protect your assets and facilitate their transfer.

News and events

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