Industrial companies in all sectors, real estate operators (development, promotion, asset management, etc.), financial institutions and other project leaders are increasingly faced with environmental issues. For these operators, demanding and complex environmental legislation can be synonymous with legal constraints, costs, red tape and multiple risks. However, seamless integration into the environment, sustainable development and CSR are, nowadays, assets in the pursuit of performance.

Located throughout France, in close proximity with clients and companies, the lawyers and legal experts of the environment department advise and protect the interests of their clients before the courts, administrations and vis-à-vis their economic partners.

What is our goal? To anticipate risks, ensure the security of the business activity, facilitate projects and ensure heads of companies are able to seize all the opportunities offered by environmental law. To do so, we assist companies at every stage of their project and choose the solutions best suited to their economic interests.

The environmental law teams have the ability to devise global solutions while drawing on the wide range of skills of Fidal's lawyers (real estate law, company law, tax law, judicial law, etc.) in order to provide a comprehensive and sophisticated offer.

Classified facilities, quarries and mines

- Assistance in the setting up of industrial plants (review and follow-up of administrative files, negotiation of operating instructions, etc.)
- Assistance during industrial operations (implementation of the legal procedures and processes applicable to changes in activity, site, regulations)
- Management of incidents along the way (incident, accident, pollution, relations with the authorities, etc.)
- Management of the end of operations/relocation/site transfer (procedures for permanent cessation of operations, site safety and rehabilitation, etc.)

Waste Law

- Drafting of waste disposal and recycling contracts/waste spreading contracts/waste transport contracts / cross-border waste transfer contracts
- Risks and liability related to waste management
- Legal studies on waste from economic activities (end-of-waste status, extended producer liability and eco-participation) and agricultural waste

Water and biodiversity

- Assistance with the authorization /filing procedures of IOTAs (Facilities, Structures, Works and Installations) subject to water legislation (legal analysis of dossiers, assistance with complex procedures)
- Implementation of water management and planning instruments (SAGE and river contracts)
- Assistance in obtaining authorization for wastewater discharge and negotiation of the discharge agreement
- Conflict management with public water and sanitation services

Renewable Energies

- Advice and litigation regarding wind and photovoltaic projects
- Hydroelectric power plants
- Energy saving certificates

Property and the environment

Assistance with real estate acquisitions:
- Legal advice and audits of the divested business, legal audit of environmental liabilities and polluted sites and soils
- Definition of liabilities, transfer and liability depending on the proposed transaction (merger, transfer of securities, sale of funds, etc.)
- Assistance in the negotiation/development of easements and restrictions on use.
- Implementation and negotiation of environmental clauses protecting the customer's interests/adaptation of the contract to the environmental issues facing the company/site/property
- Assistance with property rentals

Environment and corporate life (restructuring, transmission, collective proceedings)

- Audits, recommendations, assistance in defining a contractual strategy and negotiating commitments and guarantees
- Drafting of clauses, environmental assistance in collective proceedings.


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