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Distribution law and consumer law

The evolution of the digital market, the modification of consumer aspirations, the emergence of connected trade and the development of technologies and distribution methods associated with it, are leading companies to rethink their business strategies and organizations.

To meet these new needs, Fidal is assisting its clients throughout the distribution chain: from production to sale or resale to consumers, in markets that are resolutely focused toward international expansion and today dominated by the concept of omnichannel distribution.

Our team is composed of more than a hundred expert lawyers throughout France with an in-depth knowledge of that sector. They will advise you in the choice of supply and distribution strategies and assist you in negotiating and formalizing all of your commercial agreements and documents. Our lawyers help you, with the responsiveness necessary in business to implement and follow up on commercial efforts and ensure your interests are defended.

With a strong presence in Paris and regional areas (90 offices throughout France) and the firm’s wide range of expertise, which encompass all the dimensions and specialties of business law, we provide tailor-made advice suited to your line of business and coupled with Fidal's other areas of expertise.


Putting in place a purchasing strategy is a major challenge for retail companies. Our team advises you in selecting the appropriate legal formula (purchasing group, inventory and purchasing center, international purchasing office, etc.) according to your specific needs (grouped purchases, clustering, centralization of orders or inventories, etc.) and assists you in the legal structuring of these strategies (commission contract, brokerage, purchase terms, etc.).

Through a multidisciplinary approach, the team's experts will advise you on the strategies envisaged not only in terms of contractual engineering, but also in terms of competition compliance.

Terms and conditions of sale

Formulating offers, and, more broadly speaking, the structuring of a sales policy is a primary concern for retail companies. Our team will assist you in formalizing general terms and conditions of sale and all your commercial documents. It will provide customized advice to choose instruments adapted to your business sector and your specific needs, particularly in terms of commercial negotiations (general conditions/specific terms of sale, order/delivery slips, payment conditions, guarantee). It also will assist you in auditing the compliance of your offer complies with legal requirements (payment terms, delivery terms, invoicing, etc.).
Through a multidisciplinary approach, the team’s experts provide advice on the instruments to be used and guide you in the audit of the legal and competitive compliance of their content.

Sales organization

In the context of digital transition and market internationalization, companies must adapt to new marketing techniques (marketplace, platforms).

Our team will advise you in the development of your retail strategies (physical point of sale/website/platform, direct sales/network sales). It will assist you to analyze whether their implementation complies with legal requirements (commercial urban planning rules, platform operators' obligations) and select the appropriate legal formulas (commercial agency, franchise, exclusive concession, selective distribution).


The digital transition has revolutionized traditional rules of commerce by offering retailers new sales methods (Marketplace, click and collect, order and collect, web in store, web to store...) and by raising new issues (processing of personal data, customer data management, electronic payment instruments, liability for connected objects).

With the firm's multidisciplinary expertise, our team will assist you in the choice of these new sales methods and in audits intended to ensure that they comply with constantly changing regulations.


The legal and regulatory requirements of consumer law are intended to apply to all retail companies in their relations with consumers. The recently revised Consumer Code is a compilation of much of the regulation. However, many rules, sometimes sector-based, are scattered in non-codified texts or texts of European origin. The desire to rebalance the power relations between professionals and consumers has also led lawmakers to strengthen consumer actions (group action) and the obligations imposed on professionals (specific obligations for on-line sales).

Our team will assist you in the audit and compliance of your policies (online sales, physical point of sale) and business practices (consumer information, after-sales service, labelling, advertising, sales).

Product regulation

In the context of internationalization of both sourcing and sales and increased consumer protection, compliance with product regulations is a major challenge for retail companies. The plethora of standards (designation of origin, label, REACH, etc.) and their constant evolution call for customized treatment based on the products concerned.

Our team provides you with expert lawyers to assist you in the audit and compliance of your products.

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