Infrastructure/ public buildings

Fidal: serving operators of infrastructure and public buildings

Globalized, complex and subject to numerous regulatory requirements, infrastructure projects are key drivers for growth and competitiveness. To underpin their development, they require sustainable and secure structuring, renewed financing capabilities and a forecasting of profitability.

To meet these challenges, our infrastructure teams offer expertise, practices and a multidisciplinary approach to all players in the sector (governments, public institutions, private operators, banks and investors). They focus specifically on transport (roads, bridges, ports, airports and tunnels), sports and leisure facilities and equipment, energy and natural resources, health and telecommunications.

We accompany our clients, French or foreign, from a thorough analysis of their objectives and during all phases of project implementation:
- When defining the legal and financial structure of the project (legal and financial audit, choice of contractual arrangement, financing method, creation of a joint structure between public entity and private operator, preliminary evaluation, risk matrix, etc.)
- From awarding of contracts to their execution (dialogue phase, negotiation, drafting of contracts and subcontracts, drafting of consultation documents)
- When monitoring the performance of contracts (end-of-contract audit, dispute resolution, amendment, termination...)

We put in place the necessary resources to ensure the success of your projects with a constant concern for flexibility. Our multidisciplinary teams adapt to the size of the transaction and its technical, legal and financial specifications.

As professionals with practical hands-on experience, we facilitate negotiations with public authorities and administrations and work with governments on the drafting of laws, codes, regulations, revisions and the development of institutional legal frameworks, particularly in matters of PPPs.

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July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

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