Fidal: serving the players in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

A sector facing important challenges, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is reinventing itself: it is finding its own sources of financing, innovating, restructuring and entering into new partnerships, in order to stand out from the rest, and remain competitive. This market is facing many constraints due to complex and ever-changing regulations: significant pressure from public authorities, major social and environmental issues, the arrival of new entrants and significant media coverage.

Mastering, anticipating and enhancing these developments are essential to ensure that your company expands successfully.

On a day-to-day basis or as part of one-off operations, our teams advise and defend the interests of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, manufacturers of health, cosmetic or chemical products as well as public or private operators in the health sector.

To be a Fidal client is to be supported at every stage of your project in the areas of R&D, product qualification and marketing, market intelligence, compliance-transparency-advertising, distribution and commercial negotiations, data protection and prevention of inspections.

Our practices, our knowledge of the market, our multidisciplinary approach allow our clients to minimize risks, make their products and services safe, and develop opportunities.

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July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

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