Turning compliance into a strategic asset!

The French legislator has introduced new obligations with respect to legal compliance, which are a source of constraints for businesses but also of opportunities.

The Sapin 2 Act, duty of vigilance, GDPR, CSR, antitrust regulations…: many projects are under way. In addition, foreign regulation changes are moving in the same direction. Compliance has become a major issue for executives and boards of directors

The challenges you face

Implement a “compliance” governance system adapted to your business
Turn constraints into a competive opportunity
Incorporate ethics as part of your corporate strategy

A real label of quality, a sign of trust for business partners and, more generally, for stakeholders, including employees, “compliance” is a source of constraints but can become an opportunity insofar as it requires the company to review many of its internal processes.

“Compliance" includes subjects as varied as the fight against corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing, tax governance, competition, corporate governance and social responsibility, environmental protection, etc.

What strategy should one develop to transform these constraints for the benefit of the company? How can these new requirements be met without slowing down business? How to put in place coherent and consistent strategies to implement risk identification and prevention programs? How to react in case of audits? How to defend oneself in the event of a lawsuit?

A global approach that requires centralized governance of the compliance system

Internal controls, which must be global within a group or company, require overall risk management and overall comprehensive understanding of compliance issues.

Governance of the “compliance” system within an organization is a project in itself.
To carry it out successfully, it is essential to identify the people who will take responsibility for the issues internally and manage them collectively because some of them affect several departments. It is also appropriate to streamline the projects in order to prioritize the consistency and effectiveness of the prevention programs and action to be put in place.

To assist you in this process, our firm has a multidisciplinary team with all the skills required to ensure compliance of your business. Operating in "project mode", our lawyers also help the various people concerned in your organization to coordinate internally and to enable these projects to be achieved efficiently.

Our added value

Our service offering


Audit of all risks: anti-corruption, gdpr, tax, csr, environmental issues, compliance with competition rules, etc.


Classroom training of personnel or e-learning solutions designed together with fidal formations


Mapping, implementation of “compliance" governance adapted to the structure and business


Guidance in external and internal communication (especially staff bodies)


Drafting/updating of documents such as codes of conduct, ethical charters, whistleblowing procedures


Assessment and checks on existing tools, guidance in case of inspections and lawsuits

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