Develop your skills within a multi-disciplinary firm

Joining Fidal means having the opportunity to work in a dynamic and forward-looking firm that places talent development at the center of its priorities.

We recruit our employees for their interpersonal skills as well as their technical skills. The constant development of our profession and changes in the economic environment calls for ongoing innovation. This requires flexibility on the part of our professionals and the ability to develop synergies between our different practice areas. In that sense, joining Fidal is above all taking part in a human adventure.

We help our talent grow, since they are the real drivers of our growth, by offering them an environment that is multidisciplinary, inter-professional, innovative, congenial and committed.


The quality of our ongoing training programs, which aims to improve the technical excellence of our professionals, is one of our core corporate values. This allows our talent to develop new skills and progress, while providing the best assistance to our client base.

Each year, the firm invests some €10 million in training, i.e. more than 6% of its total payroll. Over 1,700 employees across all business lines take a training course, every year.

Our ambition is to offer the best possible career advancement opportunities amid a constantly changing environment, where everyone must take responsibility for their career path.

As soon as they are recruited and regardless of their level of professional experience, employees receive personal assistance when following specific training programs that focus on developing technical as well as cross-functional skills.

L’offre de formation Fidal s’articule autour de 6 axes thématiques :

  • Technique juridique et fiscale

  • Développement commercial

  • Management

  • Prévention, santé, sécurité au travail

  • Développement personnel

  • Bureautique et informatique

La diversité des formations proposées traduit la volonté du cabinet à accompagner chacun de ses collaborateurs dans l’environnement en mutation permanente dans lequel nous évoluons. 



Fidal is very committed to the quality of life at work, and to ensuring that:
- social, societal and environmental concerns are included into corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach
- fun events are organized and facilitated (running, sailing, softball, after-work parties, etc.)
- the working environment is pleasant and that premises are employee-and environmentally friendly

Possible geographical mobility throughout france

Fidal has some 90 offices throughout France. This presence provides a great many opportunities for geographical mobility. This advantage allows our talent, if they so wish, to better reconcile their personal and professional life based on their aspirations, while dealing with a new type of clients, expanding their scope of responsibility and taking on new projects.
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