Asset valuation, partnerships in France, Europe and worldwide, new cooperation agreements, connected trade: these key components of your business strategy are governed by complex regulations and supervised by competition authorities with enhanced powers. Apart from the risks of inspections and penalties, what is at stake is the ethical approach of economic players.
As a pioneer of inventive solutions such as our smartphone application "Antitrust Alert by FIDAL®", our coordinated assistance in the event of a multi-site "dawn raid", our competitor assessment methodology and our global compliance procedure, Fidal brings together a team, made up of former members of various supervisory authorities that are widely recognized in France for their expertise concerning competition law; they embody the DNA of the firm which is to be as close as possible to our clients across France, and close to the Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg authorities in order to be able to respond quickly to any issue.

The hands-on experience of our lawyers enables us to develop the best strategies for our clients in both advice and litigation. Our team, which is actively involved in anti-competitive practices, compliance, raids and seizures, merger control, state aid, or restrictive practices, can assist our clients in better understanding competition rules and turn them into a real driver for development.

Competition and Compliance Audit

Economic players must ensure that what they do complies with competition rules. Demonstrating an "ethical profile" is how real and lasting value is being created in the market.

Our offering:
- "à la carte" competition audit
- "Investigation by a supervisory authority"
- "Simulated hearing" - Reliable appraisal
- Appropriate compliance measures
- Assistance in implementation


Alliances between companies, mergers, acquisition of a controlling stake in a company and the creation of joint ventures are likely to raise competition concerns.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, our team advises and helps you, whether you are a buyer or seller, in analyzing the feasibility of the transaction, checking whether it is notifiable, preparing the documentation and notifying the national or European competition authority concerned.

Anti-competition practices (price fixing – abuse of dominant position)

Controlling exposure to competitive risk requires that the company secure relationships with its partners (cartel, horizontal agreement, vertical agreement, and abuse of a dominant position).

Our experts will assist you in ensuring compliance of your practices and help you with administrative and litigation proceedings before the competition authorities and in national and European courts, whether as plaintiff or defendant.

Restrictive Practices

The rules applicable to the negotiation, formalization and execution of business relations between suppliers and distributors are constantly evolving. Disputes resulting from sudden termination of an agreement or based on the argument of significant imbalance are increasingly frequent.

With hands-on experience in annual negotiations, our team of lawyers will assist you from the development of negotiating instruments to the formalization of relationships. They will then monitor your commercial relations and provide advice suited to the business you are in (e.g. the agri-food sector).

Inspections and seizures / searches

On-site inspections from any competition authority create major disruptions within a company. Faced with an investigation, the entities concerned must, under pressure and in an emergency, deal with the inspection in accordance with the procedures in force and safeguard their rights of defense and their interests.

Fidal's extensive territorial coverage, in France and in Brussels, enables our team, which is familiar with inspections by French competition authorities or by the European Commission, to provide clients with the reactivity required on site.

State Aid

Financial support granted by the State to companies (subsidies, interest subsidies, public guarantees, tax breaks, etc.) is likely to harm competition and must be notified and authorized by the European Commission.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, the team’s experts will advise you, whether you are a beneficiary of public aid, a competitor of a company that has received aid, or a beneficiary subject to the obligation to notify State Aid.

Our team will assist you in particular in analyzing whether the aid is legal and must be notified, in compiling a dossier and going through the notification procedure with the European Commission.

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