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To be competitive, 21st century real estate must be interactive and in concordance with sustainable development. Fidal’s real estate department, composed of 30 specialized lawyers, meets these demands.

Our urban planning lawyers analyze the constraints and opportunities resulting from the location of the property. The environmental risks are managed through custom-made contract provisions. Fidal assists in the negotiation, drafting and execution of the project management scheme and verifies the relevant compliance constraints. In the area of leasing, Fidal has a team dedicated to commercial, civil and professional leases that assists investors and users, both in an advisory and litigation role.

Upon the sale of property, our transactional attorneys advise buyers and sellers in the negotiations. Lastly, our real estate tax specialists advise the various players on the choice of the most appropriate tax regimes and structures. For each engagement, a single contact oversees a team of specialized lawyers.

Tax advice and assistance with real estate transactions

As a key component of real estate transactions, the taxation of investments is one of our core activities. We advise all French and international real estate professionals, builders and developers, funds, public entities, in matters of direct and indirect taxation (urban planning taxes, local taxes, VAT, registration fees, income taxes). We are recognized for our guidance in the structuring of complex real estate investments.

Property financing

Whether you are a lender, borrower, arranger or financial institution, we are involved at all stages of your financing project, from the preparation of financial documentation, property guarantees and securities to the implementation of financing structures (acquisitions or restructuring of real estate portfolios, transfer operations, receivables management, crowd funding, etc.).

Real estate investments and structuring

We advise companies, investment funds, banking and financial groups on all issues related to the structuring, negotiation, completion and financing of real estate investments. We are involved at every stage of the transaction: from the purchase and sale of real estate assets or property companies to advice on acquisition structures, asset outsourcing, risk studies, to the defense of your interests in France and abroad.

Assistance to listed real estate investment companies and regulated vehicles (SIIC)

Our team provides specialized guidance to listed real estate investment companies and regulated vehicles, both in their daily management and in their one-off investment transactions.
We assist you in fundraising, IPOs and public offerings, as well as in the creation of OPCIs (Open-ended Property Funds) and REITS, the acquisition and outsourcing of real estate portfolios and the entry of new players into the SIIC regime.

Real estate asset management: commercial leases, audits and restructuring

The team of lawyers dedicated to handling commercial leases is a benchmark in the market in terms of advice and litigation relating to commercial leases.
We assist clients in portfolio audits, in the drafting and negotiation of leases, in restructuring operations, mergers or relocation of groups of companies, in the revaluation of rental assets, and also assist investors and users in the event of disputes (rent control, eviction indemnities, renewal and termination, refundable expenses and work).

Construction and development

Fidal advises (drafting contracts, monitoring construction operations, litigation) major national and international contracting groups (owners, developers, lessors, lessees) on often complex construction or refurbishment projects (shopping and leisure centers, hotels, logistics warehouses, high-rises, clinics, office and/or residential buildings) at each stage of the development project.

Public construction and PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships)

Our team offers global and strategic guidance to private and public operators involved in infrastructure projects.
We get involved early on (defining contractual arrangements doing the legal and financial structuring, reviewing the project's bankability or validating the tax assumptions underlying the model) by monitoring and executing the contracts up to the pre-litigation and litigation phases, if necessary.

Urban planning and development

Retail groups, promoters or private developers very often interact in the context of complex development operations that require specific guidance.
Our team dedicated to urban planning deals specifically with issues related to building permits, urban planning authorizations, development concessions or even urban planning taxation and financial contributions (development tax, fee, PUP (Urban Partnership Project), contributions from builders and developers).


Our environmental law experts have specific experience in dealing with environmental issues as applied to real estate and transactions.
Our scope of intervention covers site rehabilitation operations when the activity is completed, as well as the negotiation and regularization of deeds of sale and leasing, while factoring in the environmental dimension, or the implementation of boilerplate environmental clauses, as part of commercial leases, and the management of disputes.

Social housing

As experts in the legislation of this sector, our lawyers are known for their sophisticated, global and pragmatic approach to social housing issues. They coordinate a whole range of expertise in order to advise social housing operators on a daily basis (consultation, analysis of texts, study and drafting of standard deeds, negotiation and formalization of your real estate transactions) or during exceptional transactions, particularly in the context of restructuring or transfer operations.

Real estate valuation

Our valuation experts advise you on the valuation of your assets and property, whatever the type. They are able to act in a transactional context (acquisition, sale for consideration or free of charge) for tax purposes, as well as in the context of an analysis of the revaluation potential of a property, or in the event of litigation, expropriation, eviction or pre-emption, or mandatory periodic appraisals.

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