Restructuring and turnaround of companies

Restructuring and turnaround of companies

Tailor-made and innovative solutions for crisis situations

Shorter production and marketing and sales cycles, national and international competition, innovation and technological change are forcing companies to review their models.

To guide you through these transformations, our dedicated team offers "full service" solutions that are bold and anticipated. In France and abroad, our experts assist restructuring or distressed companies, managers, shareholders, creditors, co-contractors or buyers of these companies. From strategic assessment to the implementation of restructuring measures, from support in financing operations and as part of out-of-court or collective procedures, to the renegotiation of debts or the disposal of activities and to legal actions in complex situations, dedicated business teams and project stakeholders work together to achieve successful change.

Our daily practice, our legal expertise, our cross-cutting approach, our partnerships with financial consulting firms, transition management, finance companies and investors enable us to offer global assistance and a proven methodology in the implementation of adapted, effective and unique solutions. Located throughout France, our fifty or so professionals guarantee unparalleled responsiveness and local support. They know your market and all its key players: bankers, financiers, institutions, consular courts, auditors, crisis managers, court-appointed administrators and receivers, economic agents, and their organizations.

Guidance to distressed companies as part of an out-of-court or court-ordered settlement

Any crisis, whether it is the result of a specific economic, social or financial difficulty or, more generally, a change in the company business model, has complex origins. Our multidisciplinary teams assist management in analyzing the situation and implementing the most appropriate solutions, whether amicable (ad hoc mandate or conciliation) or court-ordered measures (safeguard, recovery, administration and compulsory liquidation).

Merger or acquisition of distressed companies

During company mergers or acquisitions, the difficulties that the target company may experience must be properly understood and assessed in order to put in place the tools to safely complete the transaction. In this context, our teams are able to assist you in these transactions, from analyzing financial, labor, procedural or environmental risks to drafting of deeds of acquisition, the event of a voluntary liquidation or compulsory liquidation.

Negotiating the debt and alternative financing

The reinforcement of prudential supervision of banking institutions combined with the deregulation of the finance market creates the conditions for a drastic change in the sources of finance available to companies. When these are in difficulty, it is essential to implement protective procedural instruments, both for the company itself and for its new partners. Our multidisciplinary teams, combining expertise in procedural instruments, finance law and banking law, in association with our partners such as Fidal Fiducie, can put in place the solutions best suited to each situation.

Restructuring and industrial negotiations

The importance or complexity of corporate restructuring can weaken a company. Our teams bring together their expertise in procedural instruments, in new industrial regulations (Macron Decrees) and accompanying measures for human resources (redeployment, training) and are a major asset in future negotiations.

Cross-border transactions

Whether it is to assist an international group in managing the difficulties met by its subsidiaries in several European countries, or to support the takeover of a distressed French target company, our dedicated team is able to master the new procedural instruments provided by European regulations (Decree of 2 November 2017) and has the necessary expertise to conduct complex transactions.

Special Litigation

It often happens that the crisis that a company goes through is combined with specific disputes: criminal liability of the company director, liability of corporate officers, environmental or social liability, conflicts between partners, unfair competition, etc.
Our litigation department has set up a team dedicated to handling these situations that combines advanced skills and a high degree of responsiveness.

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