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The healthcare industry, which is complex, both in terms of the number of stakeholders, its specificities and regulatory constraints, is evolving and reinventing itself. Among other factors, there is a need for all stakeholders in the industry to come closer together and cooperate, diversify their capital investments (especially abroad), and anticipate technological developments that will have an impact on healthcare practices.

To meet these challenges, our team, composed of lawyers specialized in this industry provide multidisciplinary guidance in each healthcare field and provide a seamless approach to the entire healthcare industry. We advise all players in the healthcare industry (healthcare establishments, structures for practice and cooperation, social, medical and welfare institutions, health product companies, regulated professions, pharmacists, medical biology laboratories, research laboratories, health products and services companies, biotechnology companies, etc.) at each stage of their development by helping them to define a strategy, implement secure legal and tax solutions and defending and protecting their interests in France and abroad.

We are recognized for our multidisciplinary approach and know-how in structuring and financing operations, for innovative cooperation and patient care coordination projects that require telemedicine tools, the transfer and consolidation of pharmacies and medical biology laboratories, for fostering good business relations among partners in the industry and monitoring disputes.

As professionals with hands-on experience, our teams have an in-depth understanding of the industry's culture and ecosystem, particularly of the economic, technological and regulatory challenges they are facing. They facilitate negotiations between stakeholders and regulatory or funding authorities, to complete each project successfully.

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July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

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