Associations and the social and solidarity based economic sector

Fidal: serving associations and the social and solidarity based economic sector.

The sector of associations and the welfare and social aid sector is constantly changing to meet needs and to serve its purpose of helping citizens: search for alternative financing, restructuring, governance, legal and fiscal restructuring, establishment of partnerships and cooperatives, required changes in business models. There are many challenges that require the assistance of experienced lawyers.
To meet these challenges, our team dedicated to the welfare and social aid sector and composed of 85 lawyers, provides tailor-made advice on a day-to-day basis, and guides religious associations, federations and congregations, foundations, endowment funds, mutual aid societies, unions and works councils to make operational and strategic choices.
Our in-depth knowledge of the associative sector and of the professions of the social economy enables us to contribute to changes in strategies and to deploy projects in support of their practices. Made up of specialists who experience the reality of the voluntary organization movement and its diversity on a day-to-day basis, drawing on, if necessary, all the firm's practices, our team offers local assistance perfectly suited to the needs of the welfare and social aid sector. We work alongside them, and provide appraisals suited to the defense of their interests, including support in strategic thinking and the implementation of practical and educational tools.

Through their local presence, the lawyers of our division are called upon by a growing number of companies and philanthropists to define and implement their patronage/philanthropy projects.

Adapting the business model

- Definition and implementation of the partnership/cooperation strategy.
- Pooling and provision of staff among organizations (social, criminal and tax aspects)
- Consolidation of organizations (mergers, asset transfers, management mandates, etc.)
- Legal organization of cooperation among organizations and their legal and tax aspects.
- Creation of subsidiaries or sectorization
- Creation of sheltered foundations
- Implementation of a sponsorship strategy


- Definition of the associative project and review of bylaws
- Audit and assessment of organizations ("global safety" strategy)
- Assistance in the implementation of the guide to best practices for ESS companies
- Restructuring of the mode of governance and support for the implementation of appropriate governance (management board, advisory and supervisory board, "mission" administrators)
- Skills management, recruitment and management of volunteers / administrators
- Assistance in labor law (recruitment and management of employees)


- Tax status of the organization and its activities
- Drafting/review of bylaws and internal regulations
- Establishing secure links between elected officers/salaried top executives (delegation of authority)
- Approval of the organization's eligibility for sponsorship
- Property issues: real estate, donations, bequests, individual donations, legal aspects related to construction or compliance (legal and tax)
- Specific regulations and their application (medico-social, health services, etc.)
- Data processing and e-reputation of the organization

Defending and protecting

- Liability of entities and their managers
- General litigation, corporate governance litigation and pricing disputes


- Assistance to sponsors in defining their strategy and setting up dedicated structures, and adapted legal and patrimonial tools (FME sector)

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