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AMF investigations


The purpose of this application is to enable companies to prepare for a possible investigation and, in the event of an investigators' visit, to adopt the best practices.

The application contains the following two main components:

  • Emergency advice in the event of AMF visits to the company or private residence: The application provides emergency advice to reception staff, the company's designated contact person, the persons involved, general management and the IT department. Fidal Boursier also allows you to contact a Fidal lawyer who will intervene in such a situation and may assist you.
  • Preventive actions to be implemented within the company in order to anticipate any investigation conducted by the AMF.

Finally, the application provides information on the outcome of the investigation, the key procedural steps and the penalties incurred.

Fidal Boursier is up to date with the Investigation Charter published by the AMF on November 2, 2017.

Antitrust by Fidal


The purpose of this application is to enable key persons in companies and trade organizations to respond to critical situations faced by their organization and involving competition law and procedures.

The application contains two main components which are:

  • Anti-competition inspection: the company or association is subject to an unannounced inspection by the competition authorities. The application provides emergency advice on how to proceed and respond to the authority’s officers that perform the audit. This allows you to contact a lawyer from Fidal, who has been specially trained in these procedures and is located near the company under inspection.
  • Acting in accordance with competition rules on a day-to-day basis: this other component of the application makes it possible for key persons in a company or association to get the best advice when faced with high-risk situations in competition law. 

The application also describes the major competition rules prevailing in France and Europe.

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