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Fidal: serving the players of the tourism, leisure and event sectors

The tourism sector is changing and forcing its stakeholders to adapt and reconsider their practices in order to remain competitive: some of the major challenges include the digitalization of distribution, the emergence of new players, increasing globalization and the strengthening of regulatory constraints.

The experience of our teams, their participation in the main professional organizations and their knowledge of the environment provide all our clients (operators and distributors, investors, owners, etc.) with a comprehensive approach to their issues.

Our approach is above all multidisciplinary, our solutions inventive and business-oriented. The core of our assistance strategy is based on providing access to recognized legal and tax expertise to assist you both in the management of your day-to-day operations (compliance, drafting of deeds, contract audits, etc.) and on new issues (domiciliation, management of intellectual property rights, taxation of web sales, etc.) or in the development of your business (financing and restructuring, commercial leases, etc.).
What is our goal? To give you strategic, operational advice that provides you with security and actively contributes to the development of your business ventures.

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July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

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