Faced with an increasingly complex and unstable legal and tax environment and an increasing globalization of personal situations and property, numerous questions arise for owners of professional or private assets. How to organize and hold one's assets? How to transfer your estate? What strategies should be implemented? By means of which legal and fiscal tools? And how to ensure their sustainability?

To answer all these fundamental questions, our specialists, with their knowledge of business and private assets, offer you their combined expertise in civil law, family and inheritance law, property law, tax law and private international law. Whether you are a company manager or a holder of private assets, we favor a comprehensive, forward-looking and cross-disciplinary approach. We help you define your wealth strategy by proposing scenarios adapted to your personal situation and long-term goals. Then, we ensure that this strategy is implemented and made secure over time, by applying a strict methodology. The solutions we offer are pragmatic, innovative and completely secure.
Our relationships are based on trust and commitment. As a guarantee of his or her independence, a lawyer's ethics provide the assurance that insightful, reliable and impartial advice will be given to the solutions recommended.

Matrimonial regimes

The cornerstone of the married couple's financial planning needs, the matrimonial regime, determines the ownership and power of each spouse over the property, defines the liability of spouses toward their creditors and ensures the best protection of assets for the surviving spouse.
Our lawyers advise you in choosing the most appropriate regime for your marriage, adapt it as your situation changes and to apply it as well as possible to your various asset transactions (purchases, sales, donations, creation of companies), in order to avoid making mistakes that could prove prejudicial in the event of a subsequent divorce or death.

Estate planning, donations

Longer life expectancy and inequalities in intergenerational wealth often lead parents, or grandparents, to donate to their descendants during their lifetime. Such inter vivos transfers must be well thought out and properly implemented so that the objectives pursued by the donor are not thwarted when their estate is being settled.
In order to guarantee you a progressive and controlled estate transfer under the best legal and tax conditions, our lawyers will assist you in analyzing your personal situation, choosing the right instruments, planning and implementing the transfer of assets and monitoring and securing them over time.

Private International law

Spouses of different nationalities, expatriation, and investments abroad: the increasing internationalization of families and their wealth is a source of risks and opportunities.
Our lawyers specializing in property law work closely with our foreign correspondents to identify your private international law issues and propose appropriate solutions to help you secure and optimize your situation. Our teams are also recognized for providing guidance during estate transfer operations (donations, intervivos gifts, marriage contracts) and asset structuring (creation of holding companies, life insurance, etc.) against an international backdrop.

Transfer of the family business

The transfer of a family company is a very important transaction in the life of a manager, and also one of the most challenging. It involves relationships between the various family members, and the long-term survival of the company which required a great deal of effort to establish.
We make available to company managers, particularly heads of family-owned companies, teams experienced in the transfer of family businesses, capable of assisting them in choosing legal and tax schemes as well as addressing all governance issues impacting the organization. What is our goal? Ensure the legal and tax protection for the global scheme, anticipate relations between heirs, shareholders and managers and promote the company's development. Our firm, which is an innovator in this field, has undeniable expertise.

Life insurance contracts

Life insurance contracts have become a major element in wealth creation and a very important vector for its transmission, their particular feature being that they are not included in the estate for legal and tax purposes.
To seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls, Fidal has developed an audit methodology that allows you to optimize your contracts safely and completely independently, both in terms of assets (method of subscription, designation of beneficiaries and legal process) and taxation.

Anticipation and protection of disability

Knowing how to prevent life accidents: a particularly strong imperative for managers, who are responsible for the long-term survival of their company. This is particularly true in matters of disability.
Anticipating one's future incapacity or disability, ensuring continuity in the management of one's assets and/or business, implementing a strategy providing for the protection of a vulnerable child, requires knowledge of technical instruments, but above all, an understanding "beyond the law" of the needs of managers and their family.
We share this vision and are at your side to help you consider and implement the strategy suited to your goals.

Assets held in trust

Fidal also provides you with a unique "Trust Advice - Trust Operations" value chain, providing you with strategic guidance and alternative scenarios in terms of asset organization and management.

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July 01, 2019

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