Long perceived as a regulatory tool, public law is now a key component of business life, accelerating growth and facilitating projects.
Our experts advise public and semi-public operators, companies, investment funds and banking institutions, throughout France and abroad, in all areas of public law. They assist clients, from the development of their strategy to the day-to-day management of their activities, in the following fields: organization and management of public bodies, choice of contractual arrangements, launch of consultation procedures, negotiation and monitoring of contracts, management of public services, economic interventionism, digital and energy transition, out-of-court settlement and litigation before national and supra- national authorities.
Experienced in market practices, our lawyers have a global vision of the challenges faced by their clients and a thorough knowledge of their environment, and are aware that the law furthers economic development. They act for the public sector and play a critical role in the fields of energy, infrastructure and construction. The strength of their advice is based both on their specialization and their ability to bring together the firm's complementary expertise, particularly in matters of financing, taxation and intellectual property. This approach enables them to provide comprehensive, customized and pragmatic solutions.

Public Contracts Law / PPP

The legal, economic and financial environment surrounding public procurement and public property occupancy have undergone major changes in recent years. This development came with a certain complexity and the financialization of public contracts.
Our clients, public entities, private operators, financial investors or banking institutions will be able to rely on a team of specialists with proven and acknowledged expertise in public contracts, particularly in the field of public property occupancy contracts in the public domain and complex procurement and PPP contracts (CREM, partnership contracts, concessions, etc.).
Our lawyers approach projects both transversally and globally:
- Choosing the legal and financial structure for the project
- Developing a risk matrix
- Drafting and negotiating procurement contracts, industrial contracts and financing agreements
- Following-up contracts/assistance in out-of-court settlement and litigation proceedings

Organization and involvement of public bodies

Our lawyers provide advice to public entities and economic operators in the following areas:
Relations between municipalities:
- Creation of public establishments for inter-communal cooperation
- Knowledge transfer
- Merger, amendment to articles of association, dissolution
- Creation and development of partnership structures (GIP, association, SEM, SPL)
- Auditing
- Relations with public entities/structures
- Public-sector organizations (local authority, public institutions, etc.)
Public officials:
- Status, statutory positions, transfers, termination of contracts, discipline
Finance/public aid:
- Aid scheme
- Appropriations
- Assistance during inspections by regional audit offices

Functioning of public bodies:
- Governance, decision-making and delegation regime, status of elected officials, electoral law

Public Litigation

Our lawyers are involved throughout France in all types of public litigation before administrative and financial courts (public procurement contract disputes, administrative liability, state aid cases, disputes with civil servants, etc.).
In addition to providing assistance and representation in the courts, our services include risk audit, pre-litigation management, amicable dispute resolution (mediation) and assistance with expert opinions.
Our lawyers also appear before civil and criminal courts in disputes involving public law issues, in collaboration with the firm's other specialized departments.
They also assist clients resolve QPC issues (Priority Preliminary Ruling on the Issue of Constitutionality)

Urban planning and development

Our lawyers work across France on behalf of large local authorities and large groups (public or private developers, investors, builders, retailers, etc.) in the following areas:
- Drafting and auditing urban-planning documents
- Designing and completing development or construction operations (PPP, AOT (Temporary Occupation Permit), development permit, ZAC (Joint Development Zone), auditing and putting them together and financing them based on the taxation of development operations.
- Carrying out amicable acquisitions, by way of pre-emption or expropriation (administrative and judicial phase)
- Resolving disputes about urban planning, development, and permits that constitute operating licenses

Energy and other regulated activities

The energy sector is changing rapidly. Supporting the energy transition is one of the main goals of our teams. Our lawyers offer a complete range of services to address all the legal and tax issues in the energy sector:
- Regulatory issues, both at the national and international level (legislative, legal security of projects, monitoring/training, forecasting)
- Assistance in the development of public or private energy projects (renewable energy projects, energy efficiency operations, energy purchases, energy distribution concessions, etc.)
- Advice on the new usages of energy (energy flexibility, self-consumption, smart grid, etc.)

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July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

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