Assisting our experts

To join Fidal is to join the largest independent French business law firm, with 2,350 talented individuals working in different areas like legal or tax as well as in a functional capacity.

Our functional departments

Our functional departments provide support to the operational teams. These are essential functions that enable lawyers and legal experts to work efficiently, to help the firm expand, while contributing to client satisfaction.


Functional departments


The assistant’s/secretary’s job is to ensure the smooth administrative functioning of the team. He/she contributes to the team’s success by facilitating the work of lawyers and providing the right conditions for them to handle their workload. To be more efficient, our assistants/secretaries can draw on all the resources and training we provide.

Fidal offers, among other things, a series of long technical training courses for assistants and secretaries. This specific course, entitled Crescendo, is a long-term program that leads to internal certification.

Crescendo has a twofold objective:

  • to give assistants and secretaries career development opportunities;
  • to enable lawyers to delegate certain tasks to associates that have a sufficient level of competence.

As with the functional departments, assistants and secretaries can either benefit from collective training programs decided at a national level, or take training courses to meet more specific or individual needs.

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