Financial law and financial services

Guiding the development and transformation of the funding ecosystem.

Our team consists of more than twenty lawyers who act on behalf of companies, banks, investment funds, debt funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, etc., for both domestic and international transactions, in a wide range of transactions, ranging from acquisition financing to project finance / public-private partnerships (PPP) and renewable energy project financing, as well as real estate and disintermediated financing (bond financing, SSD/NSV, EMTN, TCN...).
Against a backdrop of transformation of the European credit model, marked in particular by the development of "market" financing, we assist our clients in implementing these new formats and practices.
In addition to its "transactional" activities, the financing division also has a strong advisory activity in the financial services sector (regulation of the activities of "regulated entities"), for the benefit of numerous companies in the financial sector and financial institutions (banks, mutual insurance companies, investment and payment service providers, Fintech, etc.).
In partnership with our international network of partner firms, our lawyers work in Europe, the United States, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Infrastructure financing

The team provides advisory services in infrastructure financing and public-private partnerships (PPPs), acting as advisors to developers, lenders (bank and bond issuers) and/or investors in the context of infrastructure projects developed by both the government and local authorities, particularly in the transport, environment, education, telecommunications, energy and "social" infrastructure sectors.

Financing of renewables

The team assists lenders, funds and other financial institutions, but also developers (sponsors), in the implementation of green-field and brown-field financing for renewable energy production projects (wind, photovoltaic, biomass, methanization, etc.). We are involved in financial structuring from a legal and tax standpoint (senior debt, mezzanine, bridge loan) and the preparation of contractual documentation.

Financing of acquisitions and LBOs

We work alongside lenders or borrowers in structuring financings from a legal and tax standpoint, in negotiating and drafting contractual documentation relating to acquisition and LBO transactions (credit, bridge, mezzanine) in support of our M&A and private equity teams.

Real Estate Financing

The team works alongside lenders or borrowers in the drafting and negotiation of credit documentation relating to real estate financing (share and asset deals): credit agreements, inter-creditor agreements, and sureties.

Asset financing

We advise lenders and borrowers in asset financing (transport, industrial plant and equipment, etc.), particularly as part of the structuring of transactions with or without recourse, and domestic and cross-border deconsolidating arrangements.

Market financing

Disintermediated formats (standard bond or EMTN sub-programs, under German law (SSD/NSV) and negotiable debt securities) are now increasingly being used as a substitute for or as a complement to traditional bank financing - most types of assets (corporate loans, real estate financing, acquisition financing) are traded. The team advises issuers and underwriters in the implementation of these transactions, capitalizing on the experience and expertise of its lawyers in market instruments and related contractual techniques.

Financial services

The size of our firm, our ongoing relationships with consulting partners who are experts in financial services, as well as our large client base of financial institutions, particularly mutual insurance companies, accounts for the historical and very active development of our teams and its expertise in financial services. This expertise, which encompasses a wide range of services and providers (banks, investment and payment services, asset management, insurance sector, etc.), is particularly relevant and sought after, given the current context of fundamental regulatory changes, particularly in Europe, affecting these highly regulated sectors (the emergence of Fintechs, alternative financiers, etc.).

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July 01, 2019

The American legal journal “Best Lawyers” has just announced its list of best French lawyers recognized by their peers.

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