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Dias Olivier


Olivier DIAS is in charge of the Fiscal IT team of the FIDAL Tax Department in Lyon since 2016

After 12 years in the French tax administration, Olivier DIAS joined FIDAL in 2016. His extensive training at the National School of Taxes and the computerized tax audit practiced within the BVCI allowed him to acquire a triple experience in fiscal / IT / audit and a special expertise on mass data processing.

At the head of the Fiscal IT team of the Tax Department in the DR of Lyon, he is involved in all aspects related to tax dematerialization :

- Assistance in the generation, control over the form, and tax analysis of the Electronic Accounting Files (FEC)
- Establishment of Reliable Audit Trail (PAF) to secure billing flows
- Assistance in the choice of tax dematerialization (Electronic Signature, EDI ...)
- Support in case of Computerized Tax Audit (CFCI)
- Audit to detect and correct tax risks
- Any type of dematerialized subjects with other lawyers of the firm

Olivier DIAS coordinates for the FIDAL National Technical Department the network of correspondents in dematerialized taxation.

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