KWR from Austria: unyer organisation welcomes fourth member

March 15, 2023
by Christine Blaise-Engel

unyer, the leading organisation for companies in the professional services sector founded by Luther and Fidal in 2021, is pleased to announce its newest member almost two years after its launch in 2021: the Austrian law firm KWR joins the organisation in 2023.

unyer has one exclusive member per country, all acting as full service law firms with the same approach. Together, they have already successfully advised many clients. A total of 2,550 lawyers are now working for the organisation at 16 locations – not only in European but also in Asian markets.

Due to the war in Ukraine, the Eastern European markets are again increasingly in the focus of clients. Austria is traditionally the gateway to Eastern Europe for many clients and the addition of KWR takes this increased importance into account.

"I am very pleased to welcome our colleagues from the law firm KWR," says Christine Blaise-Engel, CEO of unyer and Senior Partner at Fidal. “I am convinced that KWR's client focus, combined with their high level of professionalism, will bring added value to unyer to strengthen our performance in the market.”

“We are very pleased that KWR has joined the highly renowned unyer organisation. Together with our partner firms, we will be able to provide even better services to our clients.” adds Thomas Frad, Managing Partner of KWR.

Made possible by its status as a Swiss Verein, all members of unyer continue to work independently in their home market.


About unyer: 
unyer, founded by Luther and Fidal in 2021, is a global organisation of leading international professional ser-vices firms. Besides law firms, unyer is also open to other related professional services, especially from the legal tech sector. unyer is based in Zurich as a Swiss Verein. unyer is globally connected but has strong local roots in their respective markets. unyer has an exclusive approach and only accepts one member firm from each market. unyer members offer its clients full services across all jurisdictions with a compelling industry focus. The organisation has an annual turnover of more than EUR 650 million and includes over 2,550 law-yers and advisors in more than 10 countries in Europe and Asia. In September 2021, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati joined the international organisation. The Austrian law firm KWR joined unyer in Spring 2023.


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