de Laâge de Meux
Executive Committee Chairman - Regional Director

François de Laâge de Meux

+33 1 58 97 10 00
32-34 avenue Kléber 75016 PARIS
de Laâge de Meux François


François de Laâge de Meux is a corporate law partner and Director of the Aquitaine Atlantique region.

François began his career in the Corporate department of Fidal’s Saintes office in 1993. Appointed partner in 2001, he served as Director of the Corporate department in Bordeaux (2002) before becoming Regional Director in 2008.
In this capacity, he represents the Aquitaine Atlantique region, manages a team of 105 professionals and creates the conditions conducive to their success, for the benefit of the clients’ development and in accordance with the firm’s values.
François advises and assists companies in their restructuring, acquisition and divestment transactions, particularly in the wine and retail sectors. He is also involved in matters of governance and transfer of family-owned businesses.
In 2018, he earned a diploma from Talents Up, a management school developed by Fidal in partnership with HEC.

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