After weeks of hesitation, there is no turning back: as of January 1, 2019, taxes will be paid as income is collected. The introduction of the withholding tax (PAS) (Pay-as-you-earn) is not limited to the proper management of this levy, but constitutes a major change that a company must anticipate and inform its employees about.

Anticipating the reform also means considering the tax treatment of income in 2018, the year of transition between the two tax systems, known as the "blank" year, which is fraught with personal tax issues.

100% of companies located in france are concerned!


For all intents and purposes, they all have become collectors of the income tax due by their employees, and must anticipate:

  • Management of changes for the teams in charge of the PAS project
  • Technical management of the tax withholding system by the payroll teams
  • Training of teams and information to employees

Who do we target?

Corporate senior management

Secure the process, streamline costs.

Finance, accounting, payroll, HR, IT departments

Support the transition, set up procedures and tools, explain the approach.


Understand the impacts of PAS, select options, understand the pay slip.

Fidal is available to:

Assist you in the practical implementation of PAS so as to be ready by January 1, 2019

  • Determination of the income concerned by PAS
  • Collection methods
  • Analysis of the impact on staff compensation strategies

Assist you in your new role as tax collector and guarantor of fair deductions

  • Reporting obligations for the company
  • Resources implemented to collect the tax
  • Impacts on payroll
  • Data confidentiality management and relationship with the Tax Authorities

Support you in the management of the blank tax year for 2018 income

  • Tax treatment of income earned in 2018
  • Exceptional income
  • Impacts on staff compensation policy


A combined tax and employment law approach
A pragmatic implementation of PAS
Customized support adapted to your needs


Our lawyers work closely with your teams to organize information/training sessions of varied duration

  1. Presentation of the withholding tax mechanism to your General Management, HR, accounting and payroll departments, and IT, by 2 lawyers from the Tax and Social Affairs Departments.
  2. The provision, on site, of a tax lawyer and/or a lawyer specializing in labor law/payroll who will answer, confidentially, all the questions of employees during one-on-one interviews.

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