Fidal, a brand of commitment

Fidal, a brand that demonstrates our commitment

We draw on our DNA and talents to offer a unique multifaceted approach, working closely with our clients, adapting our practice to the specific requirements of each of them.
In motion
Committed and at your side
Our talents are experts in their practice area and use their skills with great care and precision. They advise and defend the interests of all their clients, major groups, SMEs and Midcaps, public authorities and non-profit organizations with the same level of commitment and strict quality standards.
Striving to establish up a genuine win-win relationship with our clients, we offer services and support based on availability, transparency and confidence. We do not take the place of our clients. We involve them in our work and help them unlock the key to their success.
A personal relationship is essential in our profession. Located throughout France, our lawyers assist their clients on a day-to-day basis. They know and understand their business, their situation, their challenges and their needs. They work closely with them at the local, national or international level.
As key player in business law, we have a specific responsibility: to have the highest ethical standards. Our professional ethics set out the rules governing professional secrecy and the management of conflicts of interest applicable to our clients and colleagues. We are committed to go even further and act with integrity in everything we do, with all our stakeholders: professionals of the firm, students, suppliers, service providers, etc.
Environmentally friendly
Wishing to reduce the impact of our professional activities on ecosystems, we have created the Fidal Green endowment fund, whose purpose is to support innovative projects in the field of eco-responsible development and preservation of natural areas. It is funded in part through savings made by Fidal’s implementation of a five year plan for the continual improvement in energy consumption, mailing and invoicing, business trips, recycling and consumables related to printing and copies, and lawyers’ awareness of eco-friendly gestures.

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