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Presentation Areas of expertise
FIDAL has developed considerable expertise in the following fields :

Private wealth planning and management

• Reviews and audits of estates/assets

• Legal and tax analysis of investment products (life insurance, capitalisation products)

• Optimization of the management of securities or real estate assets, particularly by setting up special purpose vehicles (SCI - non-trading real estate partnerships, asset management companies, etc.)

• Modification and adaptation of matrimonial regimes

• Implementing and managing the splitting of ownership rights (beneficial ownership, quasi beneficial ownership)

• Protection in case of incapacity (lasting powers of attorney)

• Trusts

Transmission of private assets

• Legal and tax reviews of transmissions staggered over time (assistance in estate planning, through one-off reviews or regular ongoing engagements)

• Audit of life insurance policies to secure and optimize their close-out by death

• Wills, gifts, powers of attorney with posthumous effect and beneficiary clauses in life insurance policies

• Inter-generational transmissions: arranging the situation of grandchildren

• Arranging the surviving spouse’s situation

• Estate settlements, distributions and tax optimization

• Financing and terms of payment of death/transfer taxes

Corporate assets

• Anticipating the transmission of a company five years ahead, to secure and optimize the transmission from a legal and tax standpoint

• Intra-family transfers of businesses, free of charge and/or for consideration

• Organizing controlling family holding companies, takeover or financing of family-owned businesses

• Family governance (family agreements, charters)

• "Dutreil" agreements (advice, implementation and filing requirements)

• Managing and monitoring "Dutreil" agreements for complex shareholding structures in large family-owned groups

• Implementation of deferred or staggered payment mechanisms

• Legal and tax optimization of real estate investment transactions, renovations or conversions of premises: building leases, leasing

• Advice and assistance with drafting commercial leases and professional leases

• Transactions on businesses ("fonds de commerce"): sales, purchases, business management leases

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