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Presentation Areas of expertise
FIDAL has developed considerable expertise in the following fields :

Tax for all types of organisations (companies and non-profit structures)

• tax compliance and optimisation

• tax consolidation

• impact of accounting standards

• employee shareholding, stock options, profit-sharing

• tax optimisation of financial flows (distributions, loans and cash pooling)

• acquisition due diligence reviews

• all regrouping or restructuring operations (mergers, partial business transfers and split-ups)

Personal tax

• optimisation of personal tax situations

• preparation of annual income tax returns and schedules

• specific tax regimes

• ISF (wealth tax)

• Tax shields

Property tax

• choice of structures

• choice of contracts

VAT and indirect taxes

• optimisation

• tax credit management

• specific tax regimes (bank, insurance, real estate and e-commerce)

• assistance for taxpayers subject to specific rules (local authorities, non-profit organisations and the public sector)

• territoriality

Local taxes

• optimisation

• tax returns and audits

Registration duties and wealth tax

• evaluation of the tax burden linked to a transaction

• comparative studies

• optimisation

• assistance with tax returns (estates and wealth tax)

International and European tax

• transfer pricing

• tax aspects of cross-border investments

• tax optimisation of international flows

• expatriation and impatriation

• optimisation of compensation in an international environment

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