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Presentation Areas of expertise
FIDAL has developed considerable expertise in the following fields :

National and international taxation

Assistance in decisions and choices that have a tax impact, assistance with audits and litigation:

• Athletes

• Professional clubs

• Associations

• Public facilities

• Sponsoring and patronage

Labour law applied to sporting activities

• Drafting of employment, transfer, profit-sharing and settlement agreements for professional athletes

• Publicity rights

• Social security contributions for amateur sport employees

• Assistance with URSSAF audits

• Prevention and settlement of disputes

Law applicable to sport structures

• Assistance for sporting structures: federations, associations, SASPs (professional sport corporations), SAOS (sport corporations) and EUSRLs (single-shareholder, limited liability sport companies) in the organisation of their bylaws

• Drafting of regulations

• Management agreements for professional activities

• Mergers, understandings and inter-business agreements

• Creation of publicity companies

Contract drafting

• Sponsorship, equipment and publicity contracts

• Exploitation right agreements, broadcasting contracts and event organisation licensing agreements

• Player transfer and agent's contracts

• Advertising and sport marketing contracts

Intellectual property
Legal analysis, management and licensing of rights

• to operate sporting events

• to athletes’ images

• to broadcast events

• to market derivative products and services

Competition law

• Exclusivity practices

• Centralised marketing of rights

• Procedures for going out to tender

• Preventive or litigious techniques to protect against unauthorised use

• Ambush marketing

Relations with regional authorities
Assistance with contractual engineering and techniques

• Public service delegations, private-public partnerships

• Project management for the design, construction and operation of sport facilities

• Occupancy agreements

• Subsidy agreements and labour contracts

• Labour law and tax due diligence reviews of subsidised associations

• Sporting event organisation

Conciliation and litigation

• Sports-related or disciplinary disputes involving federations and leagues, the Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français (French National Olympic and Sport Committee) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport

• Judicial and administrative litigation related to sports

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