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Presentation Areas of expertise
FIDAL has developed considerable expertise in the following fields :

Creation of investment structures

• Choice of form

• Incorporation of investment vehicles (FCPRs, FCPIs, FIPs, SCRs, SUIRs, etc.) and companies to manage participating interests

• Applications for approval from the French market regulatory authorities

• Presentation, implementation and risk minimisation related to tax status

Incentive schemes for fund managers

• Negotiation and implementation of the carried interest

• Drafting of legal documents

• Tax and labour law risk minimisation for the operation

Tax and legal status of investment structures

• SCRs, FCPRs, FCPIs, FIPs, SCRs, SUIRs, etc.

• Tax status monitoring and optimisation

• Assistance with specific tax return obligations

• Advice on policies for distribution, early winding-up, increases and reductions in capital

Legal engineering and documentation for investment and disinvestment

• Tax and legal optimisation

• Advice and monitoring for concentration-related matters

Tax and legal due diligence reviews

• Tax, legal, labour law and intellectual property reviews

• Risk assessment

• Solutions or schemes to generate reductions in expenses and increased cash

Capital offerings

• Anticipation of and preparation for new investors

• Assistance in the choice of the best opportunities

• Assistance throughout negotiations

• Drafting of legal documents and formalisation of agreements

Shareholder protection and relationship management

• Assistance in the negotiation and formalisation of partnership agreements

Management of investor withdrawal
Withdrawal organisation:

• Re-purchase

• Sale to other companies


• Capital reduction

Management packages

• Definition, negotiation and contractual definition of status

• Negotiations and contractual formalisation of shareholder agreements

• Withdrawal and disposal conditions

• Allocation of gains

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