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Presentation Areas of expertise
FIDAL has developed considerable expertise in the following fields :

Community projects, organisational charters and internal regulations

• Definition of objectives, governance principles and methods

• Assistance in the contractual formalisation of the project

Changes in legal status and asset devolution

• Advice on economic, social and financial models

• Study of possible evolutions

• Accreditation

• Recognition of general public interest

• Foundations

• GIE - Economic interest groupings

• SCIC(collective-interest cooperative company)

Applicable tax status

• Optimisation of the tax status

• Diagnostic review and evaluation of resources, competition and public interest

Liability of legal entities and their executives

• Evaluation of the risks of decision-making dysfunctions that affect collegial structures, as well as active and passive security mechanisms

• Systemic risk prevention

Partnership strategies

• Assistance in the definition and implementation of partnership projects

Asset resources and issues

• Selection of tax and legal tools to deal with asset-related issues

• Research into optimal tax status

• Creation of networks of ”opinion leaders”

• Organisation, financing, ownership techniques, purchase and sale of buildings

• Management of gifts and fund collections, definition of "niche products"

Recruitment and management of volunteers

• Advice on organisation and management

• Prevention of social security liability risks

• Implementation of assistance and value enhancement processes

Relations with the regulatory authorities and administrations
Assistance in the preparation, drafting and presentation of projects and documents for:

• Approvals

• Recognition of general public interest (associations)

• Statutory recognition (religious associations)

• Foundations recognised as being of general public interest

• Support organisations and charities

• Subsidies

• Tax and social security advance rulings

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