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Presentation Areas of expertise
FIDAL has developed considerable expertise in the following fields :

Employee representation structures

• Definition of the scope concerned (business, organisation, economic and social unit, group…)

• Assistance with implementation

• Operating advice (terms for convening notices, disclosures and meetings)

• Monitor attributed powers on a daily basis,  as well as during exceptional operations (negotiation and conclusion of collective agreements, reorganisation, site moving and closure)

Pensions and benefits

• Conception and design of social security policies

• Optimisation of pension plans and pension saving plans (implementation, renewal and closure)

• Risk minimisation for benefits plans and personal insurance contracts (assessment of current systems, improvement of existing conditions, design of new plans, choice of insurance)

• Change management:
• Restructurings
• Acquisitions
• Social security for expatriates or impatriates
• Social security status of executives
• Retiring employees
• Compliance with social security and tax limits
• Insurance litigation

Restructuring assistance

• Risk minimisation and handling of all the labour law aspects of restructuring from a legal, financial and industrial standpoint:
• employment contracts
• employee representation structures
• labour-management agreements
• working time
• employee savings, pension and benefit schemes

• Assistance with “GPEC” (mandatory labour-management policies for certain types of companies) and layoffs

Labour-management negotiations

• Assistance defining the scope of the negotiations

• Assistance and advice on negotiation terms

• Negotiating assistance

• Drafting of legal documents

• Risk-minimisation of labour-management agreements

Individual and collective relations

• At an individual level: drafting, execution and termination of employment contracts

• At a collective level: application of collective agreements, implementation and evolution of professional classifications, legal assistance with compensation policies, discrimination prevention

Employee savings

• Study, implementation and monitoring of mandatory and optional profit-sharing schemes

• Assistance with the implementation of a company savings plan (PEE) and/or an employee pension savings plan (PERCO)

• Legal monitoring of employee savings plans’ compliance

Working time

• Analysis of the company’s work schedules

• Assistance with the implementation of new work schedules adapted to the business's requirements, drafting of labour-management documents, the corresponding contractual and non-contractual documents, and negotiations with the representative trade union organisations: adjustment of working time, shift work, etc.

• Assistance with the management of executive working time, drafting of the requisite legal instruments

• Part-time work

• Time savings accounts

Labour law and social security litigation

• Litigation before all courts: labour courts, local courts, district courts, administrative courts, social security affairs tribunals, criminal courts and the labour divisions of the appeal courts

Health and safety at work

• Diagnostic review of current practices in the company

• Operational advice and assistance with implementation (optimisation of the scope of intervention of outside companies, global risk evaluation document, traceability of actions taken)

• Powers of attorney

• Executive training

• Assistance during investigations by the regulatory authorities and with litigation (serious accidents, disputes over occupational accidents and diseases, criminal and civil liability defence)

Vocational training law

• Assistance with negotiating and drafting branch- and company-level agreements

• Design of training plans and usage charts for the DIF (mandatory individual training credits)

• Assistance with audits and litigation

• Implementation of plans to control training costs

• Analysis of "2483" returns

• Training law compliance audits

• Searches for sources of financing

Due diligence reviews of labour law matters, payroll compliance and the social charge rates for occupational accidents

• Performance of due diligence reviews of labour law matters

• Payroll reviews and verification of the base for social security contributions

• Reviews of the social charge rates for occupational accidents

International mobility

• Incorporation of tax, social security and benefits aspects

• Risk minimisation

• Analysis of the existing situation and identification of the difficulties encountered

• Optimisation of tax parameters and obligations

• Choice of the law applicable to employment contracts and compensation packages, identification of collective status and management of employment contracts

• Design and evolution of suitable social security policies, computation of the consequences for the pension and benefit schemes, implementation of corrective actions

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Human Capital

• Global approach to compensation policies (from a financial, accounting, legal, tax and labour law standpoint)

• Advice on the conception of low-risk, attractive, optimised compensation packages
• Executive compensation
• Employee shareholding
• International mobility

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