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Presentation Areas of expertise
FIDAL has developed considerable expertise in the following fields :

Mergers and acquisitions

• Due diligence reviews

• Drafting and negotiation of all preparatory and sale agreements

• Discussion and drafting of guaranty agreements

• Assistance in subsequent operations

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Choice of legal structures

• Advice to help determine the legal structure that is most adapted to the business project presented

• Throughout the corporate lifespan, verification of whether the legal form chosen for the business and its subsidiaries remains the most appropriate

On-going corporate legal help

• Scheduling of annual obligations

• Drafting of legal documentation

• Assistance with different internal meetings 

• Advice on securities accounting

Capital transactions - issues of securities

• Advice on the choice of securities to be issued

• Drafting of the issue timeline

• Preparation of the corporate decisions related to the operation

Restructurings, mergers, split-ups, partial business transfers

• Due diligence reviews

• Drafting of the transaction timeline

• Drafting of the legal documentation

• Statutory publication formalities

Executive status and liability

• Continual advice to executives on their status and their civil and criminal liability

Implementation of governance structures

• Preparation of internal regulations for the board of directors or supervisory board

• Creation of specialised committees

Management of intra-group relations

• Study and preparation of cash pooling and services agreements

• Implementation of ad hoc structures

Organisation of inter-business cooperation

• Setting-up of joint ventures and the accompanying legal structures

Shareholding for executives and employees

• Choosing the best solution: options to purchase existing or newly issued shares - free shares – collective shareholding…

• Ensuring that the shares granted remain liquid

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