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Around 1,400 lawyers share the same passion for counsel at FIDAL. The strong regional presence of the firm and the diversity of our fields of intervention offer highly diversified possibilities for starting a career and for professional development.

The legal sector is constantly changing and we are constantly on the lookout for new talent.

In order to attract the best talent, help you fulfil your ambitions throughout your career and together build a lasting relationship, we offer you:
       - a demanding, convivial working environment; 
       - development opportunities that are adapted to your profile and potential; 
       - the possibility of receiving training throughout your career.

In each of our offices, each day, you will be part of an ambitious policy to share knowledge and exchange information (databases, intranet, etc.).
However, the firm is aware that the best knowledge-sharing tools are still direct contacts and exchanges, and so prefers new hires to integrate smaller, close-knit teams.

Continual training also allows all firm lawyers, regardless of their experience, to hone their skills.

Newly qualified lawyers can become professionals with advising skills that are recognized by clients.
Experienced lawyers enjoy all the benefits of a large firm: increased expertise, advising on engagements that are more and more complex, genuine client partnerships, progression to managerial responsibilities, sharing of experience and know-how.
Ultimately, we hope you will become one of our partners.

Training you and helping you develop in a stimulating environment: this is how we maintain the quality of service that has made us a leader on the legal counsel market in Europe.

By joining us, you will contribute to the performance of an innovative, responsive and exciting firm. 

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